Sandra Bland Would Have Turned 30 Today

Today would have been Sandra Bland's 30th Birthday, her name still resonates within our hearts

Twitter users celebrate the late Sandra Bland‘s birthday, showing her beauty and injustice that took her life.

In July 2015, Sandra Bland was pulled over in Waller County, Texas for a traffic stop violation by state trooper Brian Encinia. During their exchange while she was inside of her vehicle, Encinia alleged that Bland assaulted him, which led to him placing her under arrest and booking her in a country jail cell. After reviewing dash cam footage, the trooper was placed on administrative leave for failing to follow proper traffic stop procedures. A few days later, Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell, with medical examiners ruling it as a suicide. This caused an uproar across the country, with many believing that Bland’s death was not a suicide, and that she may have been killed while behind bars.

Last year in January, the grand jury indicted Encinia for perjury, while the Bland family eventually settled for $1.9 million in a wrongful death civil lawsuit. To this day, her name and her legacy is part of triggering a huge movement against the justice system.

Happy Birthday, Sandra Bland. We remember your name and legacy and will never stop fight against injustice.

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