Hate Crime Increases After Trump’s Victory

In just some few hours after the declaration of the U.S. presidential election, the media have reported series of hate crimes across the country

Activists are reporting widespread hate crime incidents against Latinos, Black people, Muslims and the LGBTI community across the United States just only hours after Donald Trump was elected president, Telesur stated.

According to activist Shaun King, one member of the LGBT community in North Carolina woke up to a message on his car that read, “Can’t wait until your ‘marriage’ is overturned by a real president. Gay families = burn in hell. Trump 2016.”

At Maple Grove Senior High School in Minnesota, students wrote “fuck niggers, whites only, make America great again” inside a bathroom.

On her Facebook page, Delaware-resident Ashley Boyer posted that she was threatened by four white men in a gas station who were discussing the election result and told her they were glad they wouldn’t have to deal with Black people anymore.

According to Boyer, one man threatened to kill her while another took out his gun and pointed it at her, resulting in her breaking down in tears.

The University of Louisiana reported a female student was assaulted by two men wearing Donald Trump’s signature cap that read “Make America Great Again.”

According to the school, she was kicked while on the ground and her headscarf was torn while the suspects made obscene comments and stole her wallet.

At San Diego State University a Muslim student was attacked by two men who were talking about Donald Trump and the Muslim community. They stole her backpack, purse and her car keys and later took her car.

In a separate incident, Tayz Enriquez, a Latina woman in Greeley, Colorado, reported that she was subjected to racism and harassment in her school as some of her classmates shouted, “You’re still here!.” According to Enriquez, even after being removed from class the students yelled: “Trump 2016, build the wall.”

“I have never felt so embarrassed and angry in my life,” she said.

Attackers professing support for Donald Trump have been accused of  hate crinme in the 24 hours following his shock victory, including death threats, physical assaults and racist graffiti, Independent reports.

Among the incidents is the robbery of a Muslim student from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, who was attacked as she walked through the city on Wednesday morning.

A statement from university police said two white men, with one wearing a branded “Trump” baseball cap, got out and began their assault.

The victim said the suspects hit her with something metal, which made her fall to the ground,” a spokesperson said.

The two individuals hit the victim while she was down and made obscene comments. The two suspects then took the victim’s head wrap [hijab] and wallet.”

In a separate incident on Wednesday, a Muslim student at San Diego State University was robbed by two men who “made comments about President-elect Donald Trump and the Muslim community”, before stealing her purse, rucksack and car.

The SDSU Muslim Student Association said the victim was a black Muslim student wearing full Islamic dress, and is planning a demonstration against “anti-Blackness, Islamophobia, and all other forms of discrimination that have become increasingly normalised during the campaign and now election of Donald Trump”.

Several Muslim women have reported Trump supporters attempting to rip off their hijabs, which cover the hair, while others said their families have advised them to stop wearing headscarves in fear of further attacks.

Maha Abdul Gawad said she was shopping in a local Wallmart on Wednesday when another woman approached, pulled off her hijab and said: “This is not allowed anymore, so go hang yourself with it around your neck not on your head.”

Numerous incidents were also reported in schools, with students saying Muslim girls had taken off their hijabs to avoid abuse or had them forcibly removed, and teachers describing comforting crying children afraid their families would be deported.

Mackenzie Rae, from Washington, shared a message she received from a friend who works at a high school in Kansas on Wednesday.

It said: “We have two kids wearing Trump shirts pull a hijab off a Muslim girl today at school. OSS [out-of-school suspension] for five days.

“When asked why? ‘Because she’s about to get kicked out anyway and we won.’”

A woman in Delaware described overhearing four white men near her at a petrol station discussing Mr Trump’s victory and “how they’re glad they won’t have to deal with n*****s much longer”.

“One walked over to me and said ‘how scared are you, you black b****? I should just kill you right now, you’re a waste of air’,” she wrote.

“Then another guy steps forward and shows me his firearm. He says: ‘You’re lucky there’s witnesses or else I’d shoot you right here.’ I have called the police.”

Natasha, a student from the Christian Baylor University in Texas, said she was walking home from a class when a man shoved her off the pavement.

“He said ‘no n*****s allowed on the sidewalk’. I was shocked, I had no words,” she said in a video posted on social media.

Many victims were documenting their experiences on Facebook, with a black woman in Bloomington, Indiana, describing how she was talking into a shop when white men in a passing lorry hurled abuse.

“As they sped their truck up on me, they rolled their window down and yelled: ‘F*** you n***** b****,” she wrote.

“Trump is going to deport you back to Africa’. In my 33 years of live, I’ve never had blatant racism shown to me than in that moment.”

Elsewhere, a woman jogging in Bloomingdale, Florida, was told to “go back to Africa” by a passer-by, and graffiti at a school in Minnesota read “fuck n*****s #whitesonly #whiteamerica #trump”.

The situation with racism we are into is actually beyond political divide. At the moment violent racists all over the country are celebrating the fact that they found a long-term excuse for their aggressive behavior. In reality their political position (if it exists) doesn’t matter – they would agree with any explanation of the hate crimes they commit.   For now we can only wait and if the newly elected president will turn out strong enough to prove he’s different from what the rumors say.

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