No Charges: Cops Brutalized Black Woman Over Unpaid Ticket

A grand jury decided not to charge the officers, who assaulted a Black woman because she hadn’t paid her traffic ticket.

There have been many cases of police brutality and injustice to Black people in our country. Cops basically do whatever they want with the general belief that there won’t be consequences for their actions. In this case, two former Japer police officers were not charged by a grand jury, after the cops brutally beat a Black woman for an unpaid traffic ticket.

The former officers, Ricky Grissom and Ryan Cunningham physically attacked Keyarika Diggles as a result of her not paying her ticket. The victim’s face was smashed on a counter, she was pinned to the floor and pulled on the floor by her feet into the cell she was held. The whole confrontation was caught on tape.

Diggles was apprehended over a ticket she had not paid for, although she had already set up a payment plan to clear the $100 debt. However, she was arrested by the officers, even though she had already planned the payment.

A civil right lawsuit against the city was settled for about $75,000 and the former officers lost their jobs. But, the grand jury didn’t indict them on the offense for cruelly assaulting a Black woman.

This isn’t the first and would probably not be the last time police officers aren’t punished for deliberately hurting Black people. Officers do not hesitate to send Blacks to jail for a minor crime and they also don’t care about the well being of Black people as they use lethal force at any given opportunity. Enough is enough. Cops should be held responsible for such heinous acts and punished when necessary.

Source: Urban Intellectuals

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