Atlanta Man Arrested For Locking Black Boy In Grocery Store

Stereotype: Being black while shopping in grocery store.

A grocery clerk Abhishek Dubey has been arrested for holding 11-year-old Black boy Dylan under gunpoint in store. Dubey racially profiled the young boy suspecting him of being a shoplifter.

As Dylan and his siblings entered the southwest Atlanta store, store clerk Abhishek Dubey decided that boy was a thief and so he pointed a gun at him and locked him in a room. But a surveillance video revealed that Dylan neither took anything from the store nor had a weapon.

According to the police report, “Dubey used a remote lock to keep Dylan inside and held a .22 caliber revolver in his face”.

Dylan’s mother, DeAngela Terriquez, said “I was extremely saddened and disheartened by it. That was my son, my baby. He didn’t do anything wrong. He just came to the store.” The family called the incident a “frightening case of racial profiling”.

However, the 27-year-old store Clerk was arrested and charged with aggravated assault for threatening Dylan with a gun. But then, he was released on a $15,000 bond Monday, July 18.

Dubey should be indicted and the store administration should also pay Dylan a huge settlement. It is hard to see innocent Black children suffering from racial profiling every time when they leave home.

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