Filming Police Corruption Should Be Encouraged

A Maricopa County cop, who thought he could get away with misconduct, got caught on camera for his corruption.

When members of Legalize Marijuana Arizona group rightly purchased a campsite to enable them peacefully and orderly gather signatures from the general public in support of a proposed legislation,(I-14-2016) “The Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana Act”, the group was unlawfully cleaned out and shut down by deputy Don Hess and other deputies of the Maricopa County.

This action gives the public an idea of how ignorant the police are on some public laws and on this occasion, the First Amendment, “the right of the people…to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” — shall not be abridged.

On arrival at the scene and seeing pictures of pot leaves scattered around the rented area, the deputies straightaway asked the group to take down their signs, which were hanging on their own buses, explaining that the group needed a solicitation license to ask for signatures.

On hearing about the act of the deputies, the organization’s representative came in with his camera, walked through and started filming. Upon seeing this, a deputy demanded to stop filming. He said, “It’s private property,” yanking the camera away.

Notwithstanding, the group has been forced out from their paid premises. But it is important to note that no right should be violated, not by any deputy not by any group or association.

The police need more education on heeding to rights.

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