Latest Police Brutality Video: Cop Utters Death Threat To Black Men

The latest police brutality video shows cop threatening to kill young Black men

Two unidentified Philadelphia police officers were caught on video making death threats to a group of young Black men.

In the video, the officers were attempting to get information from people in a neighborhood where the relationship between the officers and the inhabitants has already been strained. The officers approached a group of young Black men and asked them questions in an affable manner, in order to get some information from them.

When the young men decided not to talk to the policemen, the short dialogue quickly turned unpleasant.

“Come on y’all, they might be gonna shoot us,” one of the young men says as he stands to walk away from the officers.

The person holding the camera turned away and a voice from the background, which was one of the officers, said: “Not all of you — just one.”

The officers are unidentified due to the blurring of their faces in the video, which has resulted in the inability of FOX29 correspondents to spot and speak to the cops in order for them to explain the baseless threat. However, the station got to speak to Police Commissioner Richard Ross during a preview event for the Hero Thrill Show.

After Ross viewed the the latest police brutality video, he was asked for his opinion on the behavior of the officer who threatened the Black men. “There’s no doubt the context is difficult to deny. We’re going to have to figure out who made that comment and obviously it’s highly inappropriate,” Ross said.

To say the tension between the police and Black communities is quite high at the moment is an understatement. There have been enduring protests against institutional racism in the police in Charlotte, which has led to violence and unrest, after Keith Lamont Scott was killed by an officer and also in Tulsa, following the tragic shooting of Terence Crutcher by Officer Betty Shelby, though the protests in Tulsa have been non-violent. The authorities turn out helpless: they can oppress the protestors but they can’t control the police.

I guess the cop who made that utterly disgusting statement was trying to be funny because there is no other logical way to explain what he  said being on duty. Long-lasting impunity lets racist cops crack jokes through death threats. Could he have really meant it? A Black person can’t tell for sure nowadays.

Source: The Free Thought Project
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