White Privilege: White And Black Face-Eating Men Suffer Different Fates

19-year-old white man kills a couple, eats the victim’s face and was tasered by cops, but a black man who killed a person and ate his face was shot several times and killed by the police

On Monday, August 15th, Austin Harrouff, a 19-year-old man broke into the home of John Steven and Michelle Mishcon and allegedly slaughtered them. Harrouff used a switchblade and other blunt household objects, as he brutally cut up and bludgeoned the victims. A neighbor, Jeff Fisher called 911 and tried to intervene; he fought Harrouff, but he was stabbed. Based on reports, after killing the couple, Harrouff started feeding on Steven’s face.

The police arrived and showed unbelievable restraint; at first, they asked Harrouff to stop eating the man’s face, he refused. Then they started to taser him, however, the killer was unresponsive to the tasers. The officers continued to taser several times, but nothing worked. So, they decided to unleash a dog on Harrouff, which didn’t stop the man from eating the victim’s bodies. After trying different methods to stop Harrouff from this cannibalistic act, four police officers forcefully pulled him away from the bodies and placed him under arrest. He was taken to the hospital and sedated.

The officers never drew their weapons during the whole incident. Sheriff William Snyder stated that the officers were scared to shoot as they didn’t want to injure Harrouff with their bullets. Isn’t it astonishing? Imagine if that was a Black man, what would have happened? Well, you don’t have to, because in 2012, a Black man, Rudy Eugene was seen eating the face of a man he had killed on a Florida causeway. When the cops arrived, they drew their guns and shot the man to death. The cops didn’t bother about using tasers, dogs or even pulling him away from the body.

It’s sickening to see such double standards in the society. Mentally ill Black people never get the chance to receive medical help, but the direct opposite can be said of the white folks. Police, of course, can argue that there was a threat to their precious lives but was the threat higher from the Black man than from the white?

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