Majority Of Wisconsin’s Black Neighborhoods Are Jails

Teen researcher used Weldon Cooper Center’s Racial Dot Map and discovered more than half of the Black neighborhoods in the state are jails

Lew Blank, a 17-year-old, was trifling with Weldon Cooper Center’s Racial Dot Map, when he found alarming information about Wisconsin, where he lives: over half of the Black neighborhoods in the state are jails or prisons. Not just that, but the remaining black neighborhoods are either homeless shelters, Sector 8 housing, or apartment complexes.

Blank started his research checking out the racial dot map that places one dot per person on a map colored by race and found predominantly Black communities, which were described as “a certain area where the majority of residents are African-American.” On the report of his research, there are about 56 Black neighborhoods in Wisconsin – 31 of them are jails.

Madison, Wisconsin, according to Blank’s research, is one the most racially diverse cities in America. “Perhaps one of the worst effects of the racial poverty disparities in Madison can be found in the Madison jails, of about 800 people in Madison’s jails, a whopping 400 (50%) of the inmates are Black. Even worse, 350 of the 400 Black inmates were arrested for crimes of poverty,” he posted on his blog in February.

The teen also stated that almost 90% of all Black inmates in Madison jail were arrested for minor crimes (like public urination). These Black inmates are still there just because they are so poverty ridden; they haven’t got any means to pay off their bail.

This is a terrible situation, which is humiliating and unexpected in the 21st century in America. The Government should really look into this, as it is absolutely appalling to have so many Black people locked away for so long and living in bad conditions.

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