Stephani Robinson: If Black Woman Wants Role, It’s Up To Her To Write It

Meet Stephani Robinson, a writer for Atlanta.

Stephani Robinson is the “only woman and youngest per­son” in Atlanta’s writers’ room.

“Write” of passage: “As one of the only Black people in my high school drama club, there wasn’t space for me in Grease or Oklahoma! I thought, If a Black woman wants a role, it’s up to her to write it.”

Quick change: “I was working a desk job when I met [show cre­ator] Donald Glover. Within weeks I had the job. It was crazy… it was incredible!”

Home run: “We have a Black cast. all-Black writers and there’s been a thirst for the stories we’re telling. When I saw how engaged [viewers] were on social media. I knew we were a success.”

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