Car Slams Into Black Lives Matter Protester In Ferguson

“A protester just got run over and we just got shot at,” said Heather de Main, who was shooting the video. “Oh my God, those cops are just sitting over there!”

A Black Lives Matter protester on Tuesday night was run over by a car during a march to commemorate the second anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown by a person that was cooperating with the police as they later stated. A video footage reveals how helpless the victim was lying in the street. Subsequently, gun shots are heard around although it is confirmed that no one got hurt.

Quite surprisingly, cops were sitting around unperturbed about the happenings. These are the same cops who were to protect the lives of these innocent protesters yet they were so indifferent to what was happening at the time.

The deliberate killing of Black protesters in America has gotten to its ugliest astronomical leap. We can’t tolerate it anymore. Their agenda is to stop African Americans from protesting against discrimination and we can’t condone this violent act on any day.

The police must know better that they can’t pretend to be neutral when an African American is deliberately killed by a car. The life of a Black is equally as precious as that of a white. This nonsensical treatment of African American protesters must embrace shame and discontent by the police service.

Indeed the lives of Blacks matter in America and discrimination against us shouldn’t be tolerated. The police must protect protesters since it is never illegal to protest in America irrespective of your color.

Injustice by the police against Black protesters must come to an end. This can’t stop us from protesting since we aren’t cowards like the American police.

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