New Law Enforcement Jobs Reassigned To Jailers Of Black Woman

Sandra Bland, a black woman who was jailed in Texas after a routine traffic stop and was found hanging in her cell in July 2015.

The extent, to which Black lives don’t matter to the authorities of the United States, is really alarming and on the increase. The public not so long ago woke up to the news of the death of Sandra Bland, who was at the time in prison with the charges, which have not been  substantiated till now.

The Black woman, who was jailed in Texas after a routine traffic stop hanged herself in her cell in July 2015. The jailers, who were supposed to have kept eyes on the woman failed to do so thereby allowing the woman to commit a suicide at their blind sights. By shirking their responsibilities, they were laid off. In the course of initiated investigation multiple violations and cover-up attempts were revealed in their work.

But less than two months later, Rafael Zuniga and Michael Serges, who admitted falsifying a jail monitoring log that indicated they had checked on her, had new jobs. This only happens in the land where Blacks are relegated to the background. They left the Waller County sheriff’s office for the Waller Police Department, a smaller agency doing literally the same.

This is a perfect representation of how authorities really care about black lives and people in jails – they let the prison wardens, who have breached the instructions and lied about it, continue with their duties. We can simply ask, “Are these people practicing new violent forms of execution on Blacks?”

The Bland family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the county and several employees, including the two former jailers. we hope justice is served appropriately.

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