Hillary Clinton Exposed In a Top-Grossing Documentary Dubbed “Hillary’s America”

The secret history of the Democratic Party unfolds before our eyes as Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza tells the untold story.

The documentary, which has earned over $5.2 million in just 12 days after the release, is indeed ‘a must watch’ documentary. The film has been perfectly dubbed ‘Hillary’s America’ to bring the hidden truth in the USA politics to light.

The documentary immediately grabs the attention of the audience and simultaneously makes the majority of the watchers think and rethink it, whilst some of them are often left in utmost shock.

Most of the world now knows that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been partners in crime when it comes to dirty laundering for the Clinton Foundation and many other atrocities.

Be it some kind of bribery in the context of international relations, gargantuan honorariums for corporate speeches, cattle futures controversy, Whitewater, Travelgate, Pardongate, Frank Guistra and the Kazakhstan deal, Haiti relief, or Renting Lincoln’s Bedroom, it is clearly revealed in the documentary.

We would like to share this new film with the community, as it may fail to go into masses or be replicated in the media because the most of the media have already been bought by the Democrats.

The trailer leaves every African-American thinking whether or not to vote for Hillary Clinton. She proved to be a dangerous liar too many times. All she is aimed at is gaining and multiplying her own wealth.

As a conclusion, we recommend our readers to make copies of this movie, which will help them and their friends make the right decision on the Election Day, especially in view of the fact that Hillary Clinton is already not in the good books of the Black community to be voted as President of the United States of America.

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