9-Year-Old Black Wisconsin Girl Dies From Gunshot Wounds

Za’layia Jenkins, a week before she died, asked police officers to keep her safe, but unfortunately, they failed.

A young African-American girl was shot by a stray bullet while watching TV at home at around 8:30 p.m. on May 5.

According to reports, the shooting was a result of gunfire exchange between two armed groups, which police have still not giving any detailed information about.

There has been no arrest since the incident happened, but the Milwaukee Police said they are searching for a green Jeep Cherokee driver, who they believe might have information about the shooting.

Za’layia was pronounced dead on Monday, May 16, at the Milwaukee County Medical Center, just a day before her birthday. Before she died, a rally had already been scheduled in her honor on Tuesday, May 17.

Precious Boone, one of Za’layia’s aunts, told local network TMJ 4 during the rally, “Today is her day. It’s her birthday so we want friends to come march with us and show Lay Lay you love her.”

In recent years, homicides in Milwaukee have rapidly increased as a result of police poorly doing their job. According to a Journal-Sentinel research, 145 people were murdered in 2015.

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