Man Arrested For Filming Cops

Maurice Crawley, an anti-violence advocate, was just live streaming on his Facebook page an arrest of a Black motorist by two cops on Thursday.

52-year-old Crawley stood across the street and video recorded the officers as they pulled over a Black motorist and interrogated him. The video was being streamed live to Crawley’s Facebook page, which made it impossible for the officers to delete it.

The video showed one cop handcuffing the Black motorist and then searching him thoroughly as he pulled out his belongings from his pockets. The motorist was made to sit on the pavement with his hands cuffed at his back while the other cop conducted a search on a lady, who was in the company of the Black motorist.

Maurice Crawley, who didn’t commit any offense but only exercised his right, was tackled to the ground and handcuffed upon being noticed by one of the officers. When one officer realized that the entire incident was being filmed, he then threatened to jail Crawley. He officer could be seen in the video shouting across to the street to Crawley who stood at the other side, “Hey! Say one word, your ass is going to jail, just so you know.”

But as Crawley requested the officer to repeat what he had said to him, the cop got angry and started moving towards him. As the irritated cop moved towards Crawley, he could be heard saying, “Don’t fucking move, you understand me? Don’t you fuckin move. I’m gonna fuck you up!” Hitherto, without any form of provocation from Crawley, the cop knocked the phone out of his hands and arrested him.

The video was posted on the Black Lives Matter Syracuse Facebook page and immediately went viral. This sparked up a peaceful protest the next day, which was led by Herve Comeau, the Onondaga County Justice Center spokesperson.

Comeau in his statement noted that the “the problem is police culture,” hence, the race of an officer does not play any vital role in curbing the issue when he hides behind the uniform of the police service to perpetuate unlawful acts. He also added that “the problem is the lack of accountability.”

It is rather amazing how now officers act as criminals, who will stop at nothing to destroy any evidence of their inhuman acts on the citizens. They will go after anyone who tries to blot out wrong from the society. This isn’t surprising because the very wrong and illicit acts are now committed by the law enforcement.

It’s hard to imagine what could have happened to Crawley but for his stream. Nowadays it seems reasonable to record all the actions of the officers in order to have a chance and save some innocent life.

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