911 Tape Opposes Police Report In Charles Kinsey’s Case

An unidentified woman’s call to 911 reveals that the police were clearly and adequately informed about the situation.

News of Charles Kinsey, the African- American therapist, who was shot in the leg by a SWAT officer while attending to a patient in the middle of the street, made major headlines in the media some few weeks back. His case just as the numerous acts of police brutality against Black people sparked up agitation across the country, where many protested in demand for justice and equality in America.

The recording of the 911 call with the conversation between the dispatcher and the caller, which led to the incident, have recently released. The tape seems to displace the initial reportage by the police. The details that actually described the situation, which would have hitherto prove the guilt of the Jonathan Aledda, the SWAT officer, who shot Kinsey, were blotted out of the police narrative.

In the recording, the unidentified caller could be heard explaining to the dispatcher that the guy, who seems to have a gun looked mentally retarded. She further gave a vivid description of the person saying that “He’s a Spanish guy, young kid. Spanish guy with gray shorts and gray pants. The guy that’s trying to talk him out of it, is in green shirt and black shorts. But I think the Spanish guy looks like a mentally ill person.” The caller also stated that the Spanish guy, referring to Rios Soto, the autistic patient had something that only looked like a gun, which he had pointed at himself and the other guy (Kinsey) was trying to talk him out of it.

According to this tape and the details given to the police, it is clear that the Black therapist didn’t pose any threat at all to Rios Soto, or the neighbors, or police. This is an unacceptable “mistake”, as claimed by the police authorities to be committed by such a professional team as the SWAT team.

It seems the Black man is tagged as a threat in any circumstance without any evidence.

This case already involves numerous cover-up attempts on the side of the police. In addition, we see that the popular phrase used by policemen, “I feared for my life,” is also a cover-up to shoot and brutalize Black people. It has no real basis. They come up with false stories to justify their shootings and they get acquitted. We wonder if anyone would justify people, who attack police saying they feared for their lives too.

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