Police Forbid BLM Activists To Pick Up Trash In Black Community

Mercutio Southall and friends rented a U-Haul truck to voluntary pick up garbage that had taken over Fairfield.

The police in Fairfield pulled over BLM activist, Southall who out of benevolence, was picking up trash in the community. The refuse has been sitting in the garbage cans for some time now without being disposed of. It had now bred rodents and maggots; leaving the community in a foul odor.

The residents in Fairfield had experienced a halt in the picking up of garbage cans due to unpaid bills they weren’t aware of. This uncomfortable situation forced the BLM activists into action to help the community.

But rather unfortunate, their act of goodwill was greeted with the wrath of the police. As the generous BLM activist moved around in a hired truck to pick up the trash, the police pulled them and took his license from him though he wasn’t driving. Southall narrated that, he together with his friends were harassed by the police. The incidence was recorded by one of the BLM activists and posted on facebook. Mercutio Southall said, “They would not let us continue.” 

The generous BLM activist explained the reason behind their action by saying that, “I’m a person for the community, People I know and love stay over there and there’s a foul odor and stench in Fairfield.”

The Chief of police for Fairfield, Nick Dyer denied the fact that his men harassed the kind BLM activists. He stated that the police had to stop the young Black men because their action was causing a health violation. He added that “We applaud their efforts to help the community but you can’t do that.” According to Dyer, anyone who wanted to tow waste needed license to do so.

The BLM activists whose action was not welcomed but rather opposed by the police expressed disappointment in the officers. “It’s a health code issue to leave it there, this makes no sense,” Southall said.

It seems every good initiative by the Black is purposefully regarded as negative and fought against with all power. Keeping community clean which should be appreciated and encouraged has now automatically metamorphosed into a criminal act.

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