Police Arrest Blacks to Meet Quotas

“I believe the public has a right to know. A real right to know and not just receive managed information,” Veteran officer Nick Novello said.

Often than not, we wonder why the police focuses on only harassing Blacks be it arrest, assaults or any other forms of police brutality. But the 62 year old Veteran officer, Nick Novello, has brought the truth to light after the Dallas shooting incident.

According to the veteran officer, the Dallas Police Department unduly pressures officers to reach targets. These targets are Blacks. In a fearless statement, the Dallas cop broke rank and spoke out against his department’s unlawful practice of wrongfully arresting African-Americans in order to fill arrest quotas.

The veteran cop who has served over 34 years, further lamented that he feels filling quotas only exacerbates predatory policing by encouraging officers to wield power over the very people they were sworn to serve and protect.

Bringing to light all these unknown police tactics to eradicate Blacks, he vehemently spoke against his police chief, David Brown under whom all these have happened including appalling work conditions for the officers.

His statement has brought to light the deep-seated hatred the police has for the Black community which is mainly orchestrated by the directions and the internal systems of  the general police departments  to make Blacks their targets.

It can easily infer that, it’s either the US government ignores or strongly supports such racial-based programs in the police service. It is therefore the responsibility of the federal authorities to abolish these racially-tagged programs with the police departments so as to gain the trust and loyalty of the communities they serve.

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