Black Woman Racially Molested By 3 Racists

An Oregon Black woman, Kara Steven says she was assaulted with bricks by three white men and called ‘stupid n*gger bitch.’

An Oregon woman’s trip to a Safeway the day after Donald Trump’s election turned into a racist attack she will never forget, The Grio states.

Kara Stevens was walking through the parking lot when a brick hit her in the abdomen, and she started to have trouble breathing.

I just thought to myself, if I pass out from not being able to breathe and I hit the ground, it’s over,” Stevens said.

I heard someone yell ‘Stupid n***** b****,’” she said. “Then they yelled ‘Are you scared? Are you scared now? Because you should be,’ and then they said ‘Now we got a president who finally feels how we feel.’”

Kara Stevens, 28, who is a Black woman, said she was at the store to buy a handful of items but never made it into the store, accrding to KGW.

All of a sudden, I felt this sharp pain,” said Stevens. “I looked down and saw someone had thrown a concrete brick at me. If you’ve ever had the wind knocked out of you, it was that type of feeling.”

While doubled over in pain and clutching her side, Stevens said the three men came closer to her.

I legitimately was coming to terms with the fact that I was probably going to die,” she said.

Stevens said the men hurled racial slurs at her and several threats.

Just turn her into our sex slave,” Stevens recalled one of the men saying. “‘When we’re done with her, we could string her up by a tree or something.’

The Oregon Black woman, Stevens said during the attack, the men also mentioned Donald Trump, saying “this is what would make America great again,” before driving off in a black mid-nineties sedan.

I just saw a Trump Pence ‘Make America Great Again’ bumper sticker, that’s all I caught,” Stevens said.

That afternoon, Stevens said a friend took her to the doctor because she was in pain, her side badly bruised.

On Monday morning, Stevens filed a criminal report with Hillsboro Police. She said it took her a few days to contact police because she was so shaken up. She said she hopes those who know the

men who hurt her, will do the right thing.

Turn them in,” said Stevens. “Don’t let them get away with that. It was me hurt with potentially cracked ribs and contusions this time, but next time it could be someone’s life and you don’t come back from death.”

For those who threw the brick and hurtful words, she had this message:

“Nice try. It’s going to take more than a brick to break me,” said Stevens. “I will not let it break me. I will not let it hold me down. It will not dictate how I live my life. I won’t give them that power.”

Black woman, Stevens said the three men who attacked her were white and in their mid-30s to early 40s.

Anyone with information about this case was asked to call the Hillsboro Police Department at 503-681-6190.

Rouches said that hate crimes are rare in Hillsboro. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, one in three Hillsboro residents are non-white, and one in five are Latino, according to Breaverton Valley Times.

We have quietly a diverse community here,” Rouches said. “This sort of thing typically hasn’t happened here.”

Rouches said that until detectives finish their investigation, there is no way for police to comment on whether the attack was politically motivated.

The question I’ve been getting is whether this is related to the election? Are there people out there who feel emboldened, who think that maybe other minorities don’t have a voice? We don’t know that or if this was politically motivated,” Rouches said. “I am more concerned about the individual person being victimized.”

We have had to deal with the ugly nature of racism long before the campaigns to the presidential election started. There is the need for a call to action by all and especially the law enforcement to flash out such deviants from our society. This should be the focus of the media since that is a guaranteed method to deal with this menace than tagging it to the leader of the country.

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