White Woman Spits and Uses the N-word On a Black Family

“You’re a nigger,” Jessica is heard screaming in the video clip.

It is highly disturbing, how some White folks show gross disrespect and disdain for Blacks. Indeed, being a Black in America has never been easy especially now, in the times of injustice, racism and police brutality.

Under the shadow of these big words, we forget that little things don’t hurt less. Here’s a story of an average African-American, who meant no harm and wanted to have fun with his wife.

“While at ‘Chicago Margarita Fest’ with my wife (at the South Shore Cultural Center), we were approached by a belligerent and irate woman named Jessica Lynn Sanders, who called my wife and I “nigger” repeatedly, knocked my phone out of my hand and spit on my wife.

All of this was because we picked up a bean bag that she and her friends weren’t using to play the Bean Bag Toss game. This is the experience of being black in America in 2016, unfortunately.”

The victim, Mr. Crim, made his ordeal public via YouTube.

Such things really happen every other day; they have become habitual and don’t surprise anyone. Attackers usually go unpunished.

The biggest danger is that racist behavior is becoming a norm. What you see in the video, is a hate crime, a small one, but still, a crime and the criminals must be punished accordingly.

It is also becoming habitual for African-Americans to film any suspicious incident related to them and their families. For the time being, viral videos remain one of not many ways to punish offenders. We hope Ms. Sanders get all the public disapproval she deservers.

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