#MyLifeMatters: Celebrities Address Police Brutality In Series

What if I was the one shot and killed by police?

Over the past few months since the brutal killings of innocent Black men by police, there has been growing level of activism among public figures, who do not throw in trouble their counterparts and are actively drawing attention to the problems of Black communities.

Celebs like Ava Duvernay, Boris Kodjoe, Ryan Coogler, LaLa Anthony and several others are paying homage to victims of police brutality through a new video series titled “My Life Matters”. Each of the moving and heart-rending video series features a celebrity honoring victims brutalized to death by police officers.

In the first volume of the series, Ryan Coogler, an American film director and screenwriter, explains his successes as a teen growing up, which wouldn’t have happened if he was murdered by a police officer.

Coogler says, “When I was 23 years old, I was able to take one of my films to France, went and got a passport, left the country for the first time. It really changed me a lot. None of those things would have been possible if, when I was twelve years old…I was shot and killed by police on the spot before I even had a chance to put my hands up, like Tamir Rice.”

Ava Duvernay, also another American film director and screenwriter, explains in volume 2 of “My Life Matters” video series that she “would have never had the opportunity to write and direct the first major picture centered on the life of Martin Luther King…and then [screen] it at the White House in front of President Obama and the First Lady” if she was a victim of police brutality like the 37-year old Cleveland Black woman, Tanisha Anderson, who police officers Tasered and watch her die on the ground. Duvernay says, “Tanisha Anderson’s life mattered, just like my life matters.”

Police brutality is a widespread problem, which may at any time affect everyone, even celebrities and public figures. It has to be stopped now or never because my life matters and so is yours.

Here are #MyLifeMatters video series:

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