Black Ohio Attorney To Be Jailed For Wearing Black Lives Matter Button

Attorney Andrea Burton was removed from Court room by a white judge, Robert Milich, after she refused to take off her BLM pin.

The Youngstown attorney Andrea Burton was sentenced to five days in jail for being in contempt of court, after she stood her grounds not to remove the BLM pin, which Judge Robert Milich ordered her not to put on.

Judge Robert Milich said that wearing the Black Lives Matter button in Courtroom makes a political statement, which is why Burton will face jail term for disobeying his orders.

Milich said, “A judge is objective and tries to make sure everyone has an opportunity to have a fair hearing, and it was a situation where it was just in violation of the law.” He claimed that his ruling was according to the Supreme Court case law and that it had nothing to do with his opinions, biases or feelings.

Burton was taken into custody after being removed from court but was released on a stay to appeal.

Activists and other Lawyers of Youngstown were concerned about Milich’ decision.

Attorney Kim F. Akins said, “No one wearing an American flag would be removed, no one wearing a crucifix or Star of David would be removed, so why does this particular subject bother [the judge] so much?”

There have been many implications concerning BLM: some call them terrorists, some like Judge Milich consider them a political organization, but they don’t understand is the real aim of the movement.

Black activists are used to being targeted in all ways, but they are still trying to carry their messages of tolerance and equality and it’s really ignorant on the part of the authorities to pretend all lives matter to them, while they threaten to imprison someone and force her not to fight for what is simply right. Police officers don’t wear any pins when they shoot unarmed Black men, judges don’t need any badges when they unjustly incarcerate African-Americans.

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