KKK Recruits Supremacists After Recent Killings Of Police Officers

Now after eight police officers were killed in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Ku Klux Klan targets Black activist groups.

The racist and violent KKK group was distributing fliers in Georgia County, calling on residents to join them and terrorize Black people in response to the BLM, Black Panthers allegedly threatening White People.

The group accuses Black Lives Matter and other activist groups of stirring up violence against White people and so-called Blue Lives Matter.

The flier reads: “Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers are telling followers to kill white people and police officers in the name of justice for the killing of Negro’s [sic] by policemen in the line of duty”.

It continues alleging that the fatal killings of 32-year-old Philando Castile by Falcon Heights, Minnesota, officers and that of 37-year-old Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge officers were just because they “were thugs breaking the law, and standing up against police.”

Lisa Hatcher, after coming across one of the fliers, said she never thought hateful groups such as the KKK existed anymore.

“It’s sad, I think, and it’s pure stupidity really”, Hatcher said. “I really didn’t think that they were even around anymore. They obviously are because they were in the neighborhood.”

Well, the government at last started paying attention to some of the racial problems. A hope for Black people just began to gleam and the KKK immediately came to action. This White supremacist group is spreading false accusations about BLM and now wants to use the recent tragedy for their terror. But what is more frightening is that the police are not looking for people spreading these fliers and provoking ‘witch hunt’ in the neighborhoods – they behave as if nothing serious is happening. Nobody is there to protect the members of local communities from the violence possibly rising from these lies.

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