Ohio Teen Threatens To Go ‘(N-word) Hunting’ With A Gun

A circulating video features an Ohio High School student who is ready to go N-word hunting with a gun.

A Pickerington Central High School student, Ohio, Monday said he is ready to hunt down all “N***ers” in a viral video. The identified teenager by name Scott Constantino, is seen in the video pumping a gun shot whiles he asks his mates if they are ready to join him in the hunt.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Constantino put this video online during class hours.

However, a school official, David Ball, told The Columbus Dispatch that the situation has been curbed. “We dealt with it quickly and as we saw appropriate,” Ball said. “We don’t take these things lightly.”

Here is another bright example of future Dylan Roof, whom our system, by the way, denies to call a terrorist and delays trial for years instead of prosecuting him for obvious mass murder.
Such “subjects” should be prosecuted.

It always starts like a joke from the beginning, then – obsession, in the end – lots of dead black people. This kid should be prosecuted and jailed. This is a terrorist, and it’s possible to stop him now and prevent tragedies then.

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