“They Are Looking For Reason to Kill A Black Man,” Cincinnati Police Reveals

Freddie Vincent, a Cincinnati police officer made an awful revelation about the intentions of white officers through his Facebook post.

The young Black officer warns Black people about the intention of some of his colleague white officers to find reasons to kill Black people.

Officer Vincent wrote in his post, ‘I’m so tired of cops using these famous words ‘I was in fear of my life.’ I’m praying for Louisiana that could have been my nephew in B.R.’

According to Cincinnati.com, the chief of Cincinnati Police Eliot Isaac released a statement on Thursday indicating that the post is being assessed per the department’s social media procedure and regulations.

Vincent has made a number of Facebook posts over the last few days telling the public about the systematic racism in the American police service. In one of those, he included a picture of the Ku Klux Klan members with an inscription, which reads, ‘the KKK has infiltrated U.S. police departments for decades’

He also gave some safety guidelines in his July 12 Facebook post which he titled, ’10 rules of survival if stopped by the police.’ Unfortunately, his recommendations to comply and never resist arrest didn’t save people like Charles Kinsey.

Fear for his own life and the lives of his relatives made this cop tell the truth. What he writes is a widely known fact, but the police are not ready to accept it. This guy is alone and still a cop and his colleagues and seniors prefer to protect their hypocritical position even after Baton Rouge events.

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