The Police, The Press, And The People Who Suppress to Oppress

A very strong opinion on police brutality, white supremacy and the current situation in the country by our reader, Rex Tezino. Find powerful words at the end of the article.

Although there has been a need for police officers in economically challenged areas, the necessity came about due to legislation & off book “policies” from well before anyone who is reading this has been born; do not be the person to think the framework being put in place centuries ago absolves modern day practitioners nor benefactors. Not going to go into how the police are left over from Slave Patrols, who after the abolishment of slavery, but the tactics which have been used when it comes to The Black Community.

As a terrorist strikes of rapes, lynchings without due process, arson, bombings, & such were common place in America’s Black neighborhoods. Reason being is segregation meant they were corralled into a geographic region not available to Whites which made a sort of plausible deniability. Looking at the sexual assault cases filed on officers increasing the naysayers like to attribute it to criminals attempting to get out of charges, but with convictions on the rise it’s obvious police are abusing their power.

One case was a 19-year-old San Antonio, TX woman who was handcuffed & violated during a traffic stop; mind you the accusation was the third of its nature. Peace Keepers is an old moniker to identify the cowards with badges who are taking advantage of the veil of innocence normally afforded them.

Before most everyone had a video camera on their phones, countless reports went without justice due to sympathizers having a “if you don’t commit crimes you don’t have anything to worry about.” The young lady above was pulled over for a bogus stolen vehicle charge, but there are some who in fact violated some law & instead of being charged were given penis as punishment. With cops being the alpha & omega a great deal of “incidents” go unreported, especially since rape victims end up reliving the psychological trauma of the attack every time they have to repeat it.

Anyone with a search engine can find the fact that more Whites are killed by police than Blacks, but most of these people don’t know that facts are being buried by search optimization teams, & albeit Whites are in larger quantity Blacks [per capita] are being murdered at an exponential rate.

Unfortunately, unbiased reporting is a rarity and a few stations only do so when conveniently needing to appear impartial when there’s irrefutable evidence. Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice was not one of those cases, wherein an officer stated the boy aimed a gun at him, was ordered to drop it, didn’t comply, and left the officer who was in fear for his life no option but to shot to kill. This all took place in 0.7 seconds…the squad car hadn’t stopped rocking. These latter facts found in a video the officer didn’t know was recording didn’t change people’s mind who had already taken the officers sworn testimony [in the form or a police report] as enough to acquit him in the public eye, which led to two judges finding no wrong doing as well.

Sadly, enough, many Blacks who are unable to make bail are the targets of the system in place & the aftermath of being caught up in legal matters because of it. Which is a bit strange due to police and their affiliates raising ungodly amounts of money for cops who are actually charged, similar to the OKC officer who was convicted & sentenced to 263 years.

Society in itself has some part in the grand scheme. One of which is the practice of overlooking Black applicants due to race. The hiring managers use names, addresses, & schools to discern the identity of resumes/applications to discard. Chances are if they look up your residence/high school & it’s located in a socioeconomically challenged neighborhood or you attended an HBCU you might not receive a call. Which for the latter group is ridiculous due to some of the universities on the list do better jobs educating their students than Pack-12, SEC, & whichever other division you look up.

In the ostracizing due to names, most everyone has heard of Ms. Raven Simon, who doesn’t have too traditional of an “American name,” speaking to not hiring someone named Watermelondria; which is ironic due to Whites using new-aged names still are called in. There was even a story of a Latino who changed his name from Jose to Joe which led to countless calls. A professor at Princeton, Devah Pager stated [rough quote] “it’s easier for a White man with a felony to land a job than a Black man with no record.” The actual ideals of “Blacks have to do better” & “pull itself up by the bootstraps” are fantasies due to the fact of Whites who still have the same mentality towards Blacks, which they don’t know any of, will never make Dr. King’s dream come true.

We don’t talk to the laws because the laws have flaws/

Like the one who had a girl handcuffed and jumped in her draws/

By laws we mean police supposed keepers of peace/

Too many blacks interacting with them end up deceased/

Or in jail with no bail the system’s setup for us to fail/

A future one felony and that ship’s set sail/

Young brothers in the trap due to their address on the map/

Makes employers never ever ever ever call back/

Maybe their name’s daquon instead of plain like john/

Black names unprofessional what’s going on/

If you didn’t know they stunt on those latino/

There’s a story of dude who changed his name from jose to joe/

So the way life flow for those brown or negro/

Society wants to leave us with nothing to show/

This is a constant strain up on our brain/

Whites say to do better but their people never change

Author: Rex Tezino

This article is written by our reader. If you want to find your opinion in the ‘Your Voices’ section, send your texts via the contact form.

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