Dirty Cop Helped Convict Innocent Man – Then Sabotaged Search For Real Killers

A high-ranking NYPD cop lied in court to convict an innocent man and sabotaged fresh investigation into the case 20 years later.

According to court documents, NYPD cop, Lt. William “Sean” O’Toole, commander of the Bronx Homicide Squad, lied in court in an effort to help convict an innocent man, Eric Glisson, of murder — and then two decades later sabotaged the re-investigation that led to the real killers.

Based on O’Toole’s made-up testimony, Glisson alongside four others — Carlos Perez, Cathy Watkins, Devon Ayers and Michael Cosme — were convicted for the 1995 murder of livery cab driver Baithe Diop.

However, after 18 years in the Sing Sing maximum security prison, they were set free in 2013 on evidence that two gang members were the actual culprits.

According to the New York Post, Eric Glisson and the others, say O’Toole lied about how he apprehended Glisson.

The court papers also say O’Toole testified that he grabbed Glisson just before he [Glisson] dashed into his apartment.

However, Glisson has contradicted the officer’s account of his nabbing saying O’Toole used a neighborhood child to trick him into opening the apartment’s door.

Glisson, Watkins, Cosme, Ayers and Perez have filled a malicious prosecution lawsuit against the city.

Glisson and the four claimed in a legal briefing as part of the proceedings, that O’Toole thwarted an investigation that could have revealed the real killers, Gilbert Vega and José Rodriguez.

According to the court papers, O’Toole took no actions when Peter Forcelli, a former detective who worked under his supervision in the Bronx, gave him a tip about two gang members, bragging about killing a livery driver in 1995, two years after Glisson and the others were convicted

They also claim that there’s ‘ample evidence to infer’ that O’Toole destroyed the notebook of the detective, whose probe into the case led to Gilson’s and the other’s exoneration.

The New York Post wrote that the city has admitted the notebook vanished.

“No one would believe that this notebook slipped away accidentally,” said Glisson’s lawyer, Peter Cross.

O’Toole has denied the allegations saying he hadn’t lied under oath and calling Forcelli’s claims “deceptive.”

“There’s no reason for me to hide the notebook or take the notebook. Obviously, anyone can put anything they want in court documents,” he said.

“I have nothing to hide and I know I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Perjury by cops to maliciously convict innocent men is not new to our justice system, and yet jurors and judges rely greatly on these fabricated testimonies given by hostile police officers against innocent law-abiding citizens.

We hope officer is O’Toole charged and justice will be served to atone for the years taken away from these innocent men and woman.

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