Cops Roughed Up Black Student. Again.

Police ongoing racism against black teens is the most disheartening thing we face today.

Have you ever wondered how police officers treat their children when at home? Not hard to guess that cops give their kids all their parental love and care. Unfortunately, they don’t feel that sympathy for teens they confront on the streets every day.

A jaw-dropping video has surfaced online showing a female student being cornered and physically assaulted by a Detroit Public Schools Police Officer. The violent confrontation horrified those who witnessed.

The altercation ensued after the girl attempted to ride the elevator with an expired pass. When the officer responded to a call of an unruly student, he asked the teen to show her student’s ID. Instead, she tried to flee.

The response was too violent. The officer shoved the girl into a wall, then grabbed and pushed her again in the corner with such force that the student’s head hit the wall. Finally, the officer pulled his pepper spray and dabbed it into the eyes of the student.

As a result, she was suspended for 30 days from school for insubordination and the officer was never indicted. It was stated that “the officer followed proper procedures as outlined in the Force Continuum Policy.

It is sad, but people of color usually receive harsh punishments for as minor offenses as fare-beating. What’s even more hurtful is that police tend to escalate every single incident involving Blacks. Law enforcement officer’s job is to find the most effective solution to any problem not violating people’s rights. Police don’t deserve black youth’s respect until they stop making attacks for no reason.

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