Omaha News: Senator Back lashed For Ridiculing BLM

State Sen., David Schnoor has come under heavy criticism for sharing a Facebook post that likened a herd of cattle to BLM demonstrators, Omaha news.

Omaha World-Herald reported that: LINCOLN — State Sen. David Schnoor caught heat Friday over a Facebook post that compared a herd of cattle to Black Lives Matter protesters.

Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha, one of two black lawmakers in the 49-member Nebraska Legislature, called attention to the posting Friday during a legislative hearing on the state Cattle Brand Committee.

“That’s racist,” Chambers said, “and I’m going to deal with it.”

Dailycaller mentions that: “It’s insulting, degrading. And he knows it,” Chambers told the Lincoln Journal Star. “What Schnoor did is not funny to me. But it let me know what he is.”

Omaha World-Herald informed that: The post, written by another person and shared by the Scribner senator in mid-July, features a photo shot through a vehicle windshield, showing a herd of what appear to be Black Angus cattle blocking a rural road. The caption read: “Road blocked due to a black lives matter protest in the sandhills.”

“Oh, good grief,” Schnoor said, when asked about the posting Friday. “I’m a cattle feeder. It was a joke. That was it.”

Schnoor said a couple of people objected to the post when he shared it but others “liked” it and commented on it.

On Friday, he said he was sorry “if people were offended” but he also said he likely would leave the post on his page. He said he doesn’t think about the Black Lives Matter movement one way or another.

“The people that know me know who I am,” he said. “I’m a cattle feeder.”

Black Lives Matter protests have spread across the country in the wake of several highly publicized incidents in which police have shot and killed black people, particularly unarmed people.

The events that have given rise to the protests are not a laughing matter, Chambers said. He was made aware of the posting by a woman who was “outraged” by it.

“Outrage would be a mild description of my reaction,” he said. “For those who are affected by it, this is not funny at all.”

Chambers and Schnoor have battled over words before. During a 2015 legislative hearing, Chambers said the fear people have of terrorist groups can be compared to the fear black people have of the police. “My ISIS is the police,” he said, using another term for the Islamic State. That statement unleashed a storm of condemnation from the governor, some other senators and a number of outside groups. Schnoor called for Chambers to resign.

Chambers, who has long denounced what he sees as institutional racism in law enforcement, neither resigned nor apologized for his comments.

Gov. Pete Ricketts selected Schnoor in 2014 to fill the legislative seat vacated when Charlie Janssen was elected state auditor. The retired Air Force master sergeant is running to keep the seat this year.

It never seizes to amaze me how such people climb up the political ladder to hold offices of such high reputation. This senator is no doubt no worthy of his office and has no business being a leader. And unfortunately, he’s not the only one. There are quite many politicians, who don’t stand by their words. A man of Schnoor’s caliber should know better that all citizens have the right to state their displeasure about an issue in the form of a protest hence, making the mockery of such a group, dealing with a much an important issue is unacceptable by all standards. In the wake of more Omaha news, authorities should thoroughly consider if  people like Schnoor contribute into the escalation of the  racial conflict.

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