Officer Phil White Fired And Reinstated After Posting Racial Messages on Twitter

And so he posted on twitter “Threaten me or my family and I will use my God given and law appointed right and duty to kill you”.

The 20-year-old police officer was fired last fall in December after posting racial messages on twitter. On Thursday February 18, The Associated Press reported that the California police chief, Eddie Garcia, will reinstate Officer White. Though he isn’t patrolling, he has been assigned to administrative duties. Are they bringing him again to double the police brutality rate? Can someone like him be on duty again?

First of all, he has no God-given right to kill a black man. Oh wait, maybe he was talking about something else.

Secondly, he was never appointed by law to kill except otherwise. I’m not a police but I know that the duty of a Cop is to protect the citizens and make sure there is law and order in the society.

Today’s police force is of no help to the environment, especially the black community. Everyday there is at least a case of either police brutality or racial profiling. When will it end if people like these are given offices? He shouldn’t be given any office not to even work at McDonalds because the look of a black man frightens him. Share the message and let the world know the injustice done by the police force.

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