2 Blacks, Sterling and Castile, Are Now Subject To Intense Scrutiny

When a Black man is shot dead, the world will know about every little secret he had.

It is obvious that every time a Black man is killed, all his secrets and mistakes will be all over the Internet. The media goes in search of all his criminal records and if a mugshot of him is found, that would be the most shared photo he ever took. But if a white man is killed, all what you see is how lovely and caring he was, using his best photos to write about him.

The two African-American murdered by police officers last week are now the subjects to intense scrutiny. Instead of focusing on how brutal and unnecessary Alton Sterling and Philando Castile deaths were, the police are looking for every traffic tickets they ever received. And this is not a new phenomenon.

A White cocaine dealer Tim Allen was arrested in 1979 and jailed for two and a half years, but he is known today as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in “Toy Story.”

This shows the attitude people have to Blacks and Whites accused of crimes. If you are White, especially a famous white person, you will be given as many chances as it necessary, and also your name will never be associated with the crimes that you commit. Robert Downey Junior is a typical example, because many don’t even know that the “iron man” ever received a prison sentence.

However, we see quite a different picture if the offender or killed is black. The first thing that starts to be savored is the details of his criminal career, and the next you see is his mugshot flooded on the internet. The past of a person does not justify his killing.

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