North Carolina AG Calls For Body Cam Law Amendment

The Greenville Police Chief Mark Holtzman is calling for amendment to the new body camera law.

The new law, House Bill 972 signed by Governor Pat McCrory Monday, July 11, says police body cam videos will no longer be available to the general public, and can only be viewed upon written request by parties involved.

The Police Chief Mark Holtzman, however, said that the bill needs some changes in order to avoid misinformation about police encounter with victims.

Holtzman explained that “In this day and age, news travels fast and bad news travels faster. It’s very important for the chief to be able to get the full story out very quickly on very tough cases that might hit the community and that body worn camera is there just for that reason, to get the full story to tell what happened in that event.”

Body cameras are police’s tiny witnesses to any traffic stop or police interaction during an investigation, and they can be used to restore justice to the system. But if these videos, during police encounter with victims, are kept classified, how guaranteed is the public to see the justice done?

Police Chief Holtzman said, “The public wants to know what we do and how we do business. Are we treating people fairly? Are we doing it the right way on the streets? The body worn cameras do that for us.”

Maybe it is a way the police maintain their status quo and impunity with the approval of the state government. The police so persistently seek the prevention of video publications implying that they always have something to hide.

Moreover, they are going to continue breaking the law and try to protect themselves against future problems, and the government is actively seeding lawlessness by supporting them.

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