White Michigan Cop Beats A Black Motorist And Serves Part Of His Jail Term At A Boot Camp

A convicted white Detroit police officer William Melendez who assaulted a black motorist is to serve part of his jail term in a military boot camp.

William Melendez, a former police officer in Michigan, was caught on a dashboard camera sometime in January 2015 brutalizing an unarmed African-American Floyd Dent. He choked Dent and punched him several times to a point of death. Dent suffered memory loss and body injuries as an aftermath of the attack.

After several months of investigation, Melendez was finally convicted on November 19, 2015 and sentenced to a 10-year jail term. Two months later, he was sentenced to 13 months to 10 years in prison and had a chance to be permanently released after his service if he performed to be a good person.

Over the week on Thursday April 14, Michigan court of appeals ruled that ex-Cop Melendez will now serve a part of his sentence in a boot camp. According to reports, Melendez will take part in military-style trainings for about 90 days and then move to a recovery home.

Prosecutor Kym L. Worthy on Friday expressed her censure in a statement concerning the court’s decision.  “We argued at his sentencing that he should serve far more than what he was given, and this decision adds insult to injury – literally,” she said.

Instead of a 10-year jail term for assaulting a black man, the white police officer will be freed to be gallivanting in the community. Just wondering, what possibilities of such unexpected clemency are offered to incarcerated blacks?

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