Philando Castile – A Victim Of Police Racial Profiling

Police record shows that Philando Castile, who was fatally shot by Minnesota Officer Yanez, was pulled over at least 31 times for driving while Black.

The 32-year-old Philando Castile was stopped for at least 31 times and charged 61 times for minor cases before he was fatally shot by a white police officer Yanez on Wednesday, July 6. His relatives believe he was often stopped because he was “driving while Black”.

According to reports, Castile was mostly charged with overspeeding, failure to wear a seat belt, no proof of insurance, driving after a revocation, improper display of original plate and parking violations. In all of his cases, he was found guilty of 43 violations and has paid out hundreds of dollars in fines.

His tragic death and deaths of other Black people, such as Alton Sterling, within a week, show how the police force terrorizes Black communities. Police officers prejudice each time they have an encounter with a Black and the end result is always tragic.

Governor Mark Brandt Dayton of Minnesota said in a statement after last week’s horror that “Would this have happened if the passengers were white?”

It’s all about the culmination of abuse of power by the police. The police on several occasions racially profiled Castile, and it was only a matter of time before one of many skirmishes becomes tragedy.

Black people are killed without second thoughts because the police believe they do not have equal rights with whites and are second-class citizens. Each day a Black man goes out, he’s always scared of not coming home alive.

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