2 White Men Commit Hate Crime

One of them wrote on social media that he committed the attack 'in the name of white race.'

In Ohio, a Black man was subjected to an attack just because of the color of his skin. Luckily off-duty state, troopers happened by came to help.

hate2 hate4


White attackers drove past their victim while he was unloading his truck in Toledo last May and returned and attacked him while yelling racial slurs. Authorities claim one of them later wrote on social media the attack was “in the name of the white race.”


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Finally, both white men pleaded guilty to a federal hate crime charge and have been sentenced to prison. Judge gave CharleThe judgeler Jr. seven years and Robert Paschalis got two.


The statistics of hate crimes against Black people speaks for itself and now it may happen so that Timothy Caughman’s killer will serve as an example to some inadequate white supremacists. Luckily this time the justice was served and these men were locked down.

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