How Americans Handle Deaths Of Black People

The way how people react to deaths of Black people and police officers are absolutely different.

Until this tragic week following the deaths of Alton Sterling, 37, and Philando Castile, 32, and killings of five Dallas police officers, citizens have proven to have double standards when it comes to Black lives. Killing those Black men is as tragic as that of the officers, but not everyone has this mindset.

For some patriotic white Americans such as former Congressman William Joe Walsh, National Rifle Association, and some medias, the lives of the police officers killed on Thursday night are more valued than that of Black unarmed civilians shot dead by police.

In fact, some members of the “Blue Lives Matter” accused Black Lives Matter of being responsible for the shootings. Congressman Joe Walsh even accused President Obama of also being involved, declaring war against the president and Black people.

Considering obvious double standards in the people’s reaction, some Twitter users are wondering:

So, why do people keep silence when Black people die, but they are soon to show their rage when it comes to white people? Here is the problem, not BLM, not the other movements, but the ignorance and leak of actions.

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