Bernie Sanders: Addressing Police Brutality Issue Since College.

Unlike his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders takes the problem of police brutality seriously.

Ongoing police brutality is a major concern for black people who have been for long years subjected to violence by those in law enforcement. Officers who have knowingly and deliberately used excessive force against innocent people remain a widespread problem in the entire country, which needs to be immediately addressed.

Who of the presidential candidates, do you think, is ready to deal with such a tough situation? Who knows how to combat police violence? The answer is pretty clear: Bernie Sanders. We believe that if he were to become president, the problem of police brutality would be high on his list of priorities.

In the most recent police-involved incident, Jessica Williams Nelson, a 29-year-old woman, was fatally shot by a San Francisco Police Department sergeant, Justin Erb. This horrible murder once again proved that “Blue privilege” is real and the Black population needs to be supported in their fight against the racist police.

Sanders is a genuine inspiration for hundreds of Black activists. He has been promoting social justice since college when he, at the age of 21, was arrested by police for protesting Chicago Public Schools policies that kept segregated classrooms. He knows how it feels to confront police who don’t favor your opinion.

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Sanders never continued the slavery tradition in the U.S. It’s not a secret that Mrs. Clinton supported policies that devastated black people. Her husband made a profitable business, due to collaboration with private corporations which enjoyed the benefits of prison labor.

In this sense, Bernie Sanders seems the most trustworthy candidate for Black Americans.

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