Alton Sterling’s Murder: Police Chief Warned To Step Down

The Black Community has cautioned Police Chief “Carl Dabadie Jr.” to resign or Face Wrath

The notorious insensitive officers who were involved in the shooting of Alton Sterling, a peaceful Black man who made ends meet by selling CDs at the Convenience Store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana have been profiled to be Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake II.

The two officers Salamoni and Howie who work in the Uniform Patrol Division are said to have been in the veteran service for four and three years respectively. Though not known which of theA two killed Sterling, reports say that they have been asked to proceed on administrative leave.

A background search of the two officers revealed that Lake was one of three officers, along with three trainees, who fired at a suspect in December 2014, though lucky enough, the victim survived and the police went unpunished.

We ask that a lawsuit is instituted against the officers and their Boss – Carl Dabadie Jr. under whom these offenses of the police go unpunished.

The Law must take these guys up and deal with them to serve as a deterrent to other police service personnel who take the rights of Blacks for granted.

Prior to the institution of a lawsuit against the trio, the Black community calls for the Police Chief’s resignation or face the full wrath of the united Black Race because Carl has shown great deal irresponsibility so far as his policing job is concerned as a Boss.

Come to think of it, is administrative leave anywhere close to the punishment of someone who has killed a fellow man? This is a clear disrespect for Black lives and we will forever stand to oppose such an oppression and brutality. We warn all white folks and this time around the police service to respect Blacks and our rights.

Watching the new video on Sterling’s murder (watch below), it is ascertained that his murder was an intentional execution. As Black activists, we believe that just as you celebrate your heroes for good deeds; dishonor these officers and their Boss for fairness in the ‘Land of the Free’.

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