Why A Young Black Man Will Vote For Bernie Sanders

“Bernie Sanders is a seasoned revolutionary willing to amplify the voices of those who have for too long been neglected and unengaged.”

As we cruise through the presidential primaries, Senator Bernie Sanders’ record and his message have proved him to be an ally of the black community and thus, a viable candidate in contention for votes once considered an easy take for his opponent Hilary Clinton.

Below, a young black man from Baltimore, who recently ‘felt the Bern’ and became captivated by Sanders’ ideologies and political platform, gives the reasons why he will cast his first ever vote in a national election for the candidate he calls “a man who is true to his morals and values”.

According to this young African-American first-time voter, Sanders does not portray the image of someone, who has come to save black people, rather he is an embodiment of a true ally, whose actions against the very institution he as a white man could have benefitted from, speak highly of his character.

“I believe Bernie Sanders is the only candidate, who truly believes a better tomorrow exists for the millions of unengaged young people fighting to create a prosperous future,” he wrote, adding that unlike all the other presidential candidates, Sanders’ history of fighting for the things that matter to an everyday American is a proof that he will continue the good fight if he wins the democratic nomination and the race for the oval office.

Bernie’s selflessness and bravery in standing up to the authorities, who saw nothing wrong in racism, which touched many black folks, including this young man when his record as a young civil rights activist surfaced.

Bernie was arrested in the 1960’s while standing with black people in their struggle for freedom and justice, and has remained relentless in ensuring that racial oppression and prejudice come to an end.

His justice reform proposal and economic policies will significantly benefit African-American communities, who have been disproportionally hit by the broken criminal justice system and help reverse the harsh consequences of our nation’s failed war on drugs.

His pay equity and $15 minimum wage policy proposals will save families thousands of dollars annually in healthcare cost. Sanders’ trillion dollar infrastructure investment deal will not only create jobs, but will also help build basic amenities in communities of color.

Bernie Sanders’ refusal to be a part of the political status-quo, and will to stand with and for the marginalized, makes it compelling for anyone to proudly cast their vote for him.

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