Felony Child-Abuse Charge against School Cop Who Slapped Student Dropped

Baltimore school police officer who was involved in slapping and kicking a student last month escaped a felony child–abuse charge Thursday.

Anthony Spence, the Baltimore school officer who was caught on video tape assaulting a young student outside a city high school last month was pronounced not guilty Thursday by prosecutors and dropped felony charges against him. As it stands now, Spence faces only two misconduct charges-second-degree assaults and misconduct-remain, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Warren Brown, Spence’s attorney, said the 44-year-old man was relieved off his duties without pay from school authorities since he was charged with felony, but arrangement is underway to help him receive his blocked salary.

According to the Sun, Spence’s attorney accusation on the student was that he spat on Spence before he slapped him, therefore asking the jury to consider that action of the kid during a hearing. Brown said, “It’s a vile act that yields an emotional response.

However, the truth still stands, that this kid could be disciplined in several ways rather than severe kicks and “thunder” slaps. This is a misconduct and outrageous assault, and he must pay for his acts. In fact this is not the first incident of a school police mistreating and mishandling a student. They basically cause harm to students rather than protecting them and it is not healthy for environment where kids are studying.

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