Never Forget Never Forgive!

Almost 2 years have passed since the death of Eric Garner, a father of 6, who was violently killed by a white cop. Join our rally in his memory.

Yesterday and the day before yesterday and many days before that, we had to witness horrible crimes committed by the police against Black men.

The killing of Alton Sterling has shaken all the country. And it reminds us of Eric Garner’s death, an innocent unarmed man who died only because it is normal in this country to suspect any Black person of a criminal activity.

How many Black people are yet to die at the hands of maniacs in police uniform? We should come together to demand justice and to end this legal genocide.

We remember every single person murdered. However, the government prefers to do nothing to stop police killings. Cops walk free and often get their jobs back. We can’t accept this!

Come to pay tribute to Eric Garner. He didn’t die in vain. Fight for justice. Demand a reform of NYPD.

July 17 at 12:00
202 Bay St, Staten Island, NYC

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