First Black Woman To Be Awarded Ph.D. In Physics At UGA

A 27-year-old Black woman, Whitney Ingram, will be the first Ph.D. graduate in Physics from the University of Georgia this December.

According to News Report, Dr. Ingram called her school’s office of outreach and diversity to confirm distinction rumor. She couldn’t believe that she was the first African-American woman ever to graduate with Ph.D. in Physics, specializing in the field of nanotechnology, from UGA.

 “I think I was thinking too small and making it much smaller than it was, but I’m just doing what I love,” Ingram said in an interview.

Ingram said she had so much interest in science, since in elementary school. “I read a National Geographic article about the sun exploding and engulfing the Earth. Though that event was at least another billion years away, that did terrify me a lot,” she said.

Ingram’s field of study is one of America’s primary focuses, as they invest billions of dollars into nanotech research. The technology deals with the study of minute particles of atoms and molecules that can be used in different spheres of life, such as, medicine and engineering.

Being Black is one thing. But women and even Americans are minorities in the field of physics,” Ingram said. “I’m basically an anomaly. I’m the first, but I don’t want to be the last. Now that I think about it, I don’t see any Black females coming up under me and none of my teachers were Black or even American.

Ingram expressed her gratitude for being the first at UGA and encouraged all women to be inspired to do the same. Despite all the barriers Blacks face in this country, talented and hard-working Black youth shows incredible achievements. These results make us believe that Blacks can succeed in any field they choose although they definitely have to make more efforts than Whites.

Black Matters congratulates brilliant Whitney Ingram on making history at the University of Georgia.

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