Texas Sheriff Defends Prison Officers In Symone Marshall’s Death

Sheriff Clint McRae refutes allegations that his staff ignored Marshall’s request for medical assistance.

Symone Marshall was another black woman, who died in Texas jail due to police misconducts. Marshall, when taken to police custody, asked for proper medical help because she had health issues and was periodically blacking out.

As prison officers refused to offer Marshall necessary assistance, she had convulsions on May 10 and was found unresponsive in her cell.

However, Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae denies the fact that the 22-year-old black woman died due to negligence.

“What I want to make very serious is that you understand there is absolutely no reason at all to think that the death of Ms. Marshall was caused by anything other than a health related issue,” McRae said in an interview to NewsOne.

Symone’s father Wayne Marshall and other relatives believe that the prison officers are covering-up the truth about their daughter’s death.

“I feel very threatened right now because I know they are covering up things and they know I kind of know what’s been going on day one before the world, before any newspaper person,” Wayne explained.

How can no one be guilty if the woman was denied of her rights to get medical assistance for 2 weeks? How can a single mom from an average black community afford $5,000 bail?

These and many other questions are left unanswered by Sheriff McRae.

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