White Woman Threatens Black Teen Selling Candy Near The Store

A young girl was targeted by an old white woman for selling candy outside the Target Store in Rowland Heights, California.

The unidentified Black girl was standing outside the Target store, trying to earn some money, when an old white woman walked up to her and began to question her why she was selling something there.

According to a witness, Andy Lizarraga,  who was standing outside the store, the old woman harassed the teen, asking her, “Where is your license? Have you asked permission to be here?”

The girl was frightened and in tears, replied, “No, I’m just selling candy. I’m trying to make some money”.

Another witness, a customer at the store, Jay Lopez also told News Report that the old woman continued yelling at the teenage girl, saying, “if she didn’t have a permit that she was going to go to jail, that Sheriffs were on their way.”

Lopez bought the remaining candy the teen had that summed up to $80 and distributed it to customers who were present.

Lizarraga, on the other hand, captured the incident on her cellphone and later posted it on Facebook that surprisingly took the media’s attention. Woman’s daughter asked to delete the video apparently feeling ashamed by the public reaction.

When you are born in racism, you grow to be racist and die with it. Some Whites can’t handle their hate even when it comes to the kids. If it was a needy white girl selling candy in order to earn some money, this old woman would probably sympathize with her.

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