The Nightmare After Shelby v. Holder Case

After 3 years since the release of Shelby v. Holder ruling Black people in many states are still being deprived from their voting rights.

When the U.S. Supreme Court passed on a ruling that limited the Voting Rights Act, many people, especially African-Americans, had been already deprived from their franchise rights.The situation with racism was not as good as it seemed and it still isn’t.

Even before the Supreme Court’s decision was fully materialized Texas and few other states had already implemented voter-ID laws that would prevent many citizens from voting.

Most of these laws, which would have been prohibited through Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, were to marginalize black voters and deprive them of having a voice in local elections.

But despite being cast out of polls and even being less protected, black communities continue to fight for their rights. Although Shelby v. Holder ruling discarded protection of preclearance review for changes to voting laws, voters of color should not relent in challenging new laws implemented in courts, as not all of them are legal. And as we approach November 8 elections, those that will have the opportunity to vote must choose leaders, who are ready to serve the interests of Black people.

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