Black Man Released After 25 Years Behind Bars For Nothing

25 years for rape, murder, and burglary for a man who didn’t commit any of those crimes

Philadelphia is a place poisoned by police misconduct for so many years. That is the reason why they didn’t immediately release an innocent man even after it was cleared that he spent 25 years in prison for crimes he wasn’t guilty of.

Two homicide cops came into Anthony Wright’s house and informed him that there had been a murder in the neighborhood and if he wouldn’t mind to come and help them with some information. Wright didn’t ask about any details, he just went with the officers not knowing that he was a suspect. A few hours after, he signed a full confession to the rape, murder, and robbery of Louise Talley. The only thing wrong about the confession is that not a word in it was true.

After twenty-five-years had passed and after multiple DNA tests and defense motions, it turned out that the man who committed the crime was another person. How come? Well, the story goes back to the day Tony signed the “confession”. The cops didn’t ask him any questions in that room, notwithstanding the fact that Wright had an alibi and witnesses with whom he was working on that day, but detective Manuel Santiago didn’t write that in the report. Instead, the detectives came in, handcuffed him and made threats to ‘skullf**k’ him and pull his eyes out if he didn’t sign the papers.

“We are extremely relieved that this very long nightmare is finally over for Mr. Wright and his family,” Innocence Project co-director Peter Neufeld said in a statement. When Anthony met with the reporters he talked little about the case and regretted all the time he spent in vain seeing now that all his loved ones had aged a lot during his sentence.

Recently, more and more cases like this are being revealed to the public showing that we can believe less in the law enforcement. Police seem to abuse their power in every way they want, not caring about the broken lives they leave behind. This racist system needs to go.

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Source: Rolling Stone
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