Confederate Flags Will Remain On The Graves Of Veterans

House drops bill to ban Confederate flags at national cemeteries.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress voted in May in favor of a measure to ban and get rid of all Confederate flags in veteran cemeteries, but it was deliberately dropped from the final version of the legislation on Tuesday, June 21.

Republican Carlos Curbelo told News Report, “I think it should have been kept in. The House passed this amendment.” Curbelo explained that the Confederate flag “should not be a national symbol for the country”, as it symbolizes hate and white supremacy.

A spokeswoman of the appropriations committee reported why they had to drop the measure saying, “In order to ensure passage in both the House and Senate and get these urgently needed funds approved, compromises had to be made.”

Some of the politicians, who support the Confederate flag, have their own motives, which are too far from protecting the interests of black people, and it would be important for the community to know their names and avoid voting for them.

There are many less controversial ways, to show respect to veterans, who fought and died for this country than commemorating them with the flag, which was later partly used by KKK.

Having these flags in public promotes racism and hatred in communities.  Killers like Dylann Roof used it as a symbol of their ideology; under it they murdered innocent Black men and women.

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