Black People: Most Optimistic Of All Races

A new study shows that black people are more optimistic about their future than the people of any other race.

What has kept black people going since the times of slavery, is the optimism they have about their future. Despite the discrimination they face they always have a hope for tomorrow.

Carol Graham, a specialist on happiness and inequality at the Brookings Institution analyzed a survey, last September, made to determine the response of citizens to how satisfied they would be with their lives in five years. Her findings were surprising; they showed that black people were most optimistic about their future, whether rich or poor.

In Graham’s recent research, she compared optimism by race among the poor. It shows that poor black people think better about life compared to the representatives of other races.

Graham talked about the relationship between a sense of community and optimism. The quality of life of people in a community depends on how they can socialize together and trust each other. Black people learned to share good and bad things, knowing that every trouble, every battle, every shooting or a protest makes the community only stronger.

Graham pointed that another reason, why black people are more optimistic than other races is that they compare their well-being not to white people, but to their fellow black people.

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