From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration

“I don’t think that slavery ended in 1865, I think it just evolved,” Social Justice Activist Bryan Stevenson said.

Bryan Stevenson, a black man full of passion for equal justice among the citizens of the United States, is working for a museum entitled “From Enslavement to Incarceration” in Montgomery, Alabama.

In his monologue concerning the main idea behind his project he analyses the situation, in which black people were at the times when the Civil War ended, and the situation, in which they are now. He also raises some questions, which will make many people think.

“Why does the United States have the highest rate of incarceration in the world?”

“Why are there 6 million people on probation or parole?”

“Why is it true that today 1 in 3 black male babies born in this country is expected to go to jail or prison?”

Mr. Stevenson believes that, “there is a line from slavery to racial terrorism through segregation that is evident in what we see in our criminal justice system today.”

“I am persuaded that we really won’t eliminate the problems of discrimination in the criminal justice system, in the education system, and in the employment system until we change the narrative of racial difference that we have all accepted,” he states.

Well, Stevenson is right to think that slavery is not over. And from his excellent analysis, it is obvious that the government fully supports the institutionalized racism we see in this country as the state has always needed cheap labor. The Law Enforcement Agencies and the Justice Department took place of the slave drivers and merchants of the past. For example, they are trying to imprison as many black people as possible and are still using the same inhumane methods to humiliate and put African-American people to their knees.

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