Two White Racists Assault Black Woman At St. Louis Bus Stop

David Ragain and Jessy Reed were arrested in St. Louis for throwing eggs at a Black woman standing at a bus stop.

Two modern-day white supremacists have chosen the ridiculous way to demonstrate their foolishness. On Friday evening, David Ragain and Jessy Reed, both about 30-years-old, decided to throw eggs at a Black woman who was peacefully standing at a bus stop. Besides this reckless behavior, they were shouting racial slurs towards her, evidently in order to clarify their motive.

Ragain and Reed were arrested by St. Louis Police and they face charges of “assault motivated by discrimination,” a 3rd degree felony. Bail is set at $20,000.

According to St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson, “These weren’t two white teenagers on a joy ride.” Well, it seems these were two white adults on a HATE ride.

Reports reaching the police allege that other African-Americans waiting at bus stops along the same route were struck by eggs, too. Therefore police believe that it was not their first time of committing such crimes. So, Blacks who have been assaulted by these young men are welcomed to come forward and file charges.

The racial discrimination in US is taking more and more stupid and disgusting forms. Actions of some whites make your doubt about their sanity and intellect. It is sad to imagine that this kind of archaic habit still exists in the 21st century in America.

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