Facebook Video Has Caused Chicago Police To Open An Internal Investigation

A 22-year-old black man, Robert Foreman, was attacked and brutalized by a Chicago police officer and later charged with drinking in public and resisting arrest.

The video posted by Maurice Fulson, who happened to be on the scene, when an officer jumped on and grabbed Foreman and threw punches at him, to Facebook Sunday has forced the Chicago police to open an internal investigation of the incident.

She said concerning the occasion, “he was down; you can see it on the film. He was not fighting back, he wasn’t trying to flip”.

Reports from news station say that Foreman took to his heels before he would have been charged with public drinking. But Foreman testified that he did that out of fear. Prior to this time, he had been robbed so he started running and stopped only after recognizing it was the police that were after him. He did not resist arrest as officers claimed.

“When I turned around and I seen him I’m like, ‘All right, I give up,’ and he just grabbed me and threw me down to the ground; I didn’t resist or nothing,” Foreman said.

The video starts with Foreman on the ground and an officer beating the hell out of him.

“Put your hands behind your back,” the officer yelling at him.

“I’m not fighting,” Foreman responds. “I’m not fighting … I was just getting robbed.”

Chicago police announced in a statement Monday night saying, “Based on this video, CPD has opened an internal affairs investigation into this incident and will be forwarding the video and all relevant reports to the Independent Review Board for investigation. We are committed to the highest levels of integrity and professional standards and look forward to IPRA’s review of this incident.”

We only hope that something good like justice will come out of the internal investigation though our past experiences prove that it will not amount to anything. This is Chicago police and we have already lost faith in their professionalism. Moreover, the officers in the video do not seem to be wearing body cameras so it will require a very good attorney to prove their guilt no matter it is just obvious.

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